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Articles, Awards & Thought Leadership

We Work With the Best in the Business

Rich Chiriboga- Director of Web Development, Smile Train
User , Stay Play Grow
Erin Levine- CEO, Hello Divorce
Adam Brouwer- Chief Design Officer, EKM
James Bettencourt - CEO, Baseball Rules in Black and White

Press Kit

Our Mission

To be a true partner on your product development journey.

Our story

We founded Yeti in 2010 while still in college making mobile apps. Having opposite personalities ourselves, we’ve always sought balance in the way we manage and create products. By embracing the push and pull of the creative process, our work marries innovation, design, business needs and technology.

From robots, to media apps, ecommerce sites, wearables and web3 projects, we’ve spent the past decade+ working on the cutting edge to build award winning products with the best companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

At the core, we’ve always focused on Yeti being an environment conducive to building and the creative process. Our clients are an important part of this process, becoming a seamless part of the team during projects.

We’ve formed many strong and lasting relationships with clients and team members during the past 12 years of this journey. It’s challenging work, but it’s always worth the effort - come join us on the Adventure of Inventing!



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