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We Created Yeti as a Place for Builders.

We founded Yeti in 2010 while still in college making mobile apps. Having opposite personalities ourselves, we’ve always sought balance in the way we manage and create products. By embracing the push and pull of the creative process, our work marries innovation, design, business needs and technology.

From robots, to media apps, ecommerce sites, wearables and web3 projects, we’ve spent the past decade+ working on the cutting edge to build award winning products with the best companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

At the core, we’ve always focused on Yeti being an environment conducive to building and the creative process. Our clients are an important part of this process, becoming a seamless part of the team during projects.

We’ve formed many strong and lasting relationships with clients and team members during the past 12 years of this journey. It’s challenging work, but it’s always worth the effort - come join us on the Adventure of Inventing!

Tony & Rudy

Yeti Founders

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Values We Always Carry

Brave the unknown poster - A yeti peers into a large, dark cave preparing to explore
brave the unknown

We are adventurers. We embrace the challenge of the unknown. This applies to both personal challenges and the technologies and projects we take on. While we acknowledge there is fear in the unknown, we also understand it is where we thrive, so we encourage and support others to share these journeys with us.

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Build relationships through empathy - A yeti is riding a tandem bicycle along a winding mountain road with a human companion
Build Relationships
through Empathy

Relationships flourish with understanding and empathy. This understanding fuels the ways we work as a team, interact with clients and build our products. By gaining a deep understanding of our users, clients and colleagues we form powerful relationships that make all aspects of our business thrive.

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Stay Mindful poster - A yeti sits atop a mountain in a meditative pose as the morning sun rises in the distance
stay mindful

Our actions have consequences. Whether we are programming the logic for a product that affects millions of people or sending a Slack message to a small group, we are aware that our actions have an impact, and we believe it’s our responsibility to be mindful of the broader impacts our choices have.

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Adapt and overcome poster - A yeti is climbing a dangerous looking mountain face in the foreground with a mountain range far below in the distance
Adapt and Overcome

Over the years our company has been through its fair share of trials and tribulations. From individual meetings going awry to projects running off the rails to recessions and pandemics - things rarely go “according to plan”. In these instances we stay level headed, analyze the situation and focus on creating solutions.

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Choose positivity poster - A yeti is paddling a kayak down a peaceful stream at sunset, through banks of huge trees on either side with mountains in the distance
choose positivity

One of the most powerful choices we can make is the way we view the world - so we choose to look at the bright side. We know positivity is contagious and, when spread, inspires others to think positively too. In matters large and small, we make the choice to stay excited about the future!

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our team

Meet Your Guides

Tony Scherba
CEO & Founding Partner
Passport style photo of Tony Scherba
Rudy Mutter
CTO & Founding Partner
Summer Swann
Marketing Manager
Madeline Johnson
Project Manager
Passport style photo of Madeline
Will Harris
Software Developer
Dan Gillen
Software Developer
Passport style photo of Dan
Laura Pulido
Senior Product Designer
Passport style photo of Tony Scherba
Patrick Fuscoe
Software Developer
Passport style photo of Patrick
Liz Arinder
Software Developer
Passport style photo of Tony Scherba
Jonny Schult
Software Developer
Passport style photo of Tony Scherba
Alex Svetlitsky
Software Developer
Caitlin Arinder
Project Manager
Harry Tjahja
Cory Scharf

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