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Project Management

The Daily Huddle Agenda & Guide

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The Yeti Daily Huddle Agenda & Guide

What is a Daily Huddle?

The Daily Huddle is one of the most effective leadership and management tools we have in our toolbelt. It's a short, five to fifteen minute, all company meeting designed to raise energy and create group alignment while simultaneously creating positive momentum and a culture of transparency within organizations.

Why should my team hold a Daily Huddle?

A Daily Huddle benefits your team in a multitude of ways. We've found that by providing a platform for our teams to both discuss and track the work they are doing on an individual level we've virtually eliminated the feelings of anonymity and irrelevance that so many people cite as the root causes of workplace unhappiness. As a direct result of this increase in overall happiness within our company, we've created more motivated and productive teams.

We've also found the Daily Huddle to be a valuable tool in finding solutions for problems occuring within projects and the company as a whole. By using the huddle as forum for sharing these issues, our team is provided with the opportunity for innovative and industrious problem solving, resulting in solutions being produced much more quickly and efficiently than through individual effort alone.

How do I run a Daily Huddle?

To learn how to run your Daily Huddle, download our Agenda and Guide! It will provide you with tips on setting an agenda to suit your teams specific needs and execute it like a pro!

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