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Demo Day at Rocket U

Rudy Mutter
August 29, 2014

On a foggy San Francisco Thursday in August, our first cohort of students graduated from RocketU. We kicked things off with, “Demo Day”, an event where students presented their capstone projects to friends and family, the rocketspace community, potential employers and other interested developers.

Students work incredibly hard during their time at RocketU learning and programming in Python and building their projects using the Django framework. Yeti has created an entirely new curriculum that gives students the tools, experience and know-how to develop their own web applications in just twelve weeks and move on to successfully find jobs in the software industry.

The diverse group of RocketU students came from different educational and professional backgrounds, and there was no shortage of unique and interesting presentations.

Shanjeetha created a web application called "FitFeed", which helps motivate users to exercise by pulling in photos from Instagram and instructional videos from YouTube.

Arno developed a two player game, "Smasher", which harkened back to the days of sleep-over video game binges. It works in your web browser and uses some complicated physics to knock an opponent off of the screen.

Winnie and Ben built a collaborative drawing application using some cutting edge technology. Two people can work on a drawing at the same time on seperate computers and each person can see each other's updates in real-time!

There were many more projects, some solving very technical challenges while others presented great new business ideas.

You can find these images and others from the event in our Demo Day album.

We’re also extremely excited to announce that Winnie, a graduating RocketU student, will be joining Yeti as a junior developer! She has been fully trained on Yeti’s technical stack and will make a great addition to the Yeti team.

To find out more about RocketSpace and the RocketU developer bootcamp visit their website:

Rudy Mutter is a CTO + Founding Partner at Yeti. He found his passion for technology as a youth, spending his childhood developing games and coding websites. Rudy now resides in the Yeti Cave where he architects Yeti’s system and heads up project production.

Follow Rudy on Twitter.

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