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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in 2021?

Rudy Mutter
October 19, 2021

At Yeti one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How much does it cost to build an app?”

The truth is, without a good deal of insight into what you want your app to do and the many factors that play into that, there is no simple answer to that question - and I’d be cautious with any agency that claims they can quote you a price right off the bat.

However, while there are no quick and easy answers when it comes to the cost of creating your app, a thorough look at all the factors that will come into play when developing it will help you gain a better idea of what to expect.

how much does it cost to build an app

To estimate your cost,  begin by considering exactly what you’d like your app  to do - but remember, platforms like Uber weren't built in just a few months - it’s taken  years and millions of dollars for them to arrive at their current state.

So, rather than attempting to estimate what it would cost to build the next Facebook, we recommend you determine what your MVP, or minimum viable product would look like.

Your MVP will be an app that delivers the core value or your product with just enough features to attract customers and validate your ideas.

Once your MVP has been built and your ideas have been validated you can continue to iterate and add new features - but your MVP should always be your starting point.

It’s important to understand that, when building an app, you’re paying for time - so the more features, integrations and platforms involved, the more costly the app will be.

That said, a pared down MVP can cost anywhere from $25,000 - $200,000 to develop, based on its complexity.

Some features that typically take more time and add higher costs to development projects include:

A good product development agency  can help you determine which features should be included in your MVP to deliver its core value with keeping your costs within budget.

Yeti’s CTO and Co-Founder, Rudy Mutter, walks you through the ins and outs of estimating the cost of building an app in the video below:

cost to build an app

Rudy Mutter is a CTO + Founding Partner at Yeti. He found his passion for technology as a youth, spending his childhood developing games and coding websites. Rudy now resides in the Yeti Cave where he architects Yeti’s system and heads up project production.

Follow Rudy on Twitter.

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