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How Your Company Can Benefit From Volunteering

Tony Scherba
December 13, 2022
Woman volunteering at a food bank

It's that time of the year again when most of us start thinking about how we can give back.

If you're a business leader, you may already have a recurring volunteer program that your organization participates in. Perhaps your team takes a day to volunteer at your local soup kitchen or you host a toy collection program to donate to a local charity.

There's obviously no shortage of ways to volunteer and give back to your community all year round, but there are additional opportunities during the holiday season.

Many companies across America have structured volunteer programs built into their work environment and for good reason. There are numerous benefits for your employees, your organization and, of course, the community.

The Yeti team and I can personally attest to all of these benefits. We've been actively engaging in volunteer and nonprofit work since we started the company in 2010. We've participated in events throughout the San Francisco community including beach cleanups, serving food at a local soup kitchen, teaching programming to high schoolers, and more. The positive energy amongst the team after these events was always palpable.

10 ways your organization benefits from volunteering

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Tony Scherba is a CEO + Founding Partner at Yeti. Tony has been developing software since high school and has worked on digital products for global brands such as Google, MIT, Qualcomm, Hershey’s, Britney Spears and Harmon/Kardon. Tony’s writing about innovation and technology has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Inc. At Yeti, Tony works on strategy, product design and day to day operations, hopping in and working with the development teams when needed. Follow Tony on Twitter.

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