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MacWorld / IWorld Conference

January 26, 2012

Today we sent our two sales rep's to the Macworld/iWorld conference at the Moscone Center in hope of doing some networking and meeting some other's in the industry. At the conference there were a lot of interesting booths that focused on anything from iPhone/iPad cases, mobile battery chargers, iPhone camera attachments, and other accessories for all Apple products.

Some ideas were innovative and we could see being adapted by the market, and other ideas were cool, just not well thought out. Our three favorite accessories we saw were the camera attachments, which allows you to use an array of different lenses to take photos. The second favorite item was an attachment for your bike that your iPhone can be attached too and be used for GPS. Seeing as how we are trying to get a bike-app created, this product would be a great compliment to our app. It is also really cool because the attachment is flexible so you have the ability to shoot video from your phone while riding which could give viewers a cool angle that they haven't seen before.

Unfortunately the whole conference was based around the consumer and not so much app developers and engineers. However there were some interesting iOS developers and Android developers. Our of our favorite apps is called "Tour Wrist." Tour Wrist is an online and mobile marketing platform using virtual 360 tours and can be applied to many different industries. It would be great for relator's to give tours of homes, allowing prospective home buyers to see every nook and cranny. It would also be great for travelers, to give their friends and family a view from the peak they summit while vacationing. The other application that stood out to us was called Lark. It is a sleep system that helps you wake better as well as sleep better. From the customer reviews I read about the application, the majority say it takes a little getting use to but it has ultimately helped their sleep patterns and quality of sleep(something that most of us could benefit from).

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