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Squash Those Bugs: Why QA Testing is Crucial for Software Development

Summer Swann
April 7, 2023
QA testing materiels

In today's app-driven world, even the slightest glitch can have a significant impact on a user's experience.

Whether it's a source of mild irritation or a critical obstacle preventing an important transaction, a failure to perform as expected never yields favorable results.

App users have come to expect seamless performance, and any deviation from that can lead to frustration and lost loyalty. In a crowded app marketplace, there is no shortage of alternatives, which means even non-essential apps and games can quickly find themselves uninstalled if they fail to meet user expectations. In this context, delivering a polished app experience is more important than ever.

To help ensure that your product is of the highest quality (and remains in your users good graces) it’s crucial that you conduct rigorous testing before the app ever touches a users hands. QA testing is a critical process in software development that helps ensure  a product meets the necessary quality standard, and which identifies defects, errors, or issues that could negatively impact the user experience.

By conducting QA testing before the release of your product, you’ll have the ability to identify and resolve issues early on in the development process, ultimately saving vast amounts of time and money - while also maintaining your product and companies reputation for delivering exceptional products.

Failing to QA test regularly leads to disastrous outcomes. A few examples include:

At Yeti, we take QA testing very seriously and have a rigorous testing process in place - we even created the Ultimate Guide to QA Testing, to provide you with the information and resources necessary to ensure the product you’re releasing will be as flawless as possible. The following is a brief overview of Yeti’s QA process.

Stages of QA Testing

Types of Testing

Testing Approach

Each testing approach serves a distinct purpose and is conducted at different stages of the development process:

Full testing
This is a comprehensive testing process that evaluates all aspects of the product. It involves testing the entire system, including all of the testing types mentioned above. Full testing typically occurs during the initial development stage, prior to major releases, or when significant changes have been made to the application. The primary goals of full testing are to:

Partial testing
This is a selective testing process that verifies previously validated functionalities still work correctly after any changes or updates have been made (such as bug fixes, UI/UX enhancements, or new features added). Regression testing is typically performed during the maintenance or incremental development stages and is essential for identifying unintended side effects of code changes. The primary goals of regression testing are:

There is much more to the QA process than we've outlined here. To help individuals who are completing the product development process on their own, or those who want to ensure that the team working on they product is following best practices, we created the 100% free Ultimate Guide to QA testing. This guide includes all the information and resources that you’ll need to QA test your product with confidence, including:

QA testing is an essential software development  process that helps ensure that your final product will meet the expectations of its end users.  By conducting thorough and rigorous testing, you’ll be able to identify and fix defects, improve user experience, and ultimately, build an exceptional product that people love!‍

Summer is Yeti's Marketing Manager. When not working, you can find her searching for thrift store treasure, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas, camping in her vintage camper, cooking vegan treats and reading anything she can get her hands on. Summer lives surrounded by wilderness in the remote mountains of California.

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