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Tech Bellows of the Beast Vol. 1

November 26, 2012

It's Monday morning here in the Yeti Cave and this week we are excited to announce a new installment on the blog: Tech Bellows of the Beast.

Every Monday we will be bringing you a forward thinking round-up of all things both good and tech alike. Consider your case of the Mondays a thing of the past. Enjoy the Bellows:

Does there Always need to be an 'App for that?'

Apple began its approach into the world of mobile applications with one simple
line - "There's an app for that." Great right? We think otherwise. As the mobile application world becomes increasingly oversaturated, there becomes a dilema when creating a new mobile app . Afterall apps are great, we love them, but where is the line drawn? What decides when an app is functional rather than purely cosmetic, used often rather than used once and banished to the last page of apps on your iPhone. Apps need to have a function, a use, not just some quirky idea that takes up part of your 16GB on your smartphone. Then becomes the issue of mobile apps creating a more efficent enviornment, but to what extent does this limit human interaction? This is best stated by Sarah Perez in the above article saying how apps should allow people to connect through technology, not have technology replace human interaction. As you continue to hound the app store for the next Angry Birds, take this into consideration: just because an app exsists, doesn't make it useful.


In this section we will be featuring a favorite new mobile app of ours. Hold on, pause, we know Hipstomatic has been around for almost one full sun lap around the earth, but this is amazing. A photo journalist by the name of Ben Lowy captured an image of Hurricane Sandy on his iPhone which eventually evolved into becoming the cover photo for the latest publication of Time Magazine. Brace yourself, apacolypitc mobile application world take-over is on the horizon.


A tech startup in SF that launched this past August, has made a personal mission to turn reatiler's Facebook pages into virtual storefronts. As a member of the 500 Startups program, which has produced startups like Task Rabbit and Wildfire, they are one to keep an eye on!


Along with an app and startup of the week, we also wanted to give a shoutout to our favorite Kickstarter project of the week. LIFX is not only a cool idea, but it incorporates your household lighting system directly to your smartphone. Imagine the possibilities, playing 'red light/green light' in your own living room with lights instead of yelling, instant strobe light dance parties minus purchasing strobe lights...the possibilites are endless. Also make sure to check out Phillips Hue.

Your Mo Will Get Fuller With Nick Offerman

As Movember's end is drawing near, we wanted to highlight both the good and bad results from a month without a razor. Nick Offerman from Parks & Rec has some words of wisdom to pass along to anyone taking part in the month long hunt for manhood. Offerman offers support to those struggling with an "inbetweener" 'stache and suggest to "stick with it and soon enough you'll turn your Jack Sparrow into a full fu manchu." When it comes down to it, growing a mustache isn't easy, nothing incredibly awesome is. To anyone out there participating in Movemeber, we wish you the a "full" end to one incredibly (or not so) hairy month. Also a big shoutout to a very unlikely, yet very proud member of the 'stache community that has our vote as king of the 'stache.

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