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Yeti's 2020 Year in Review

Summer Swann
December 16, 2020

2020 has certainly been a challenging year in many ways, but despite the difficulties, we've had the opportunity to create some meaningful products that we're really proud of.

From building education apps to working with Jay-Z's team, to creating products that aid in pandemic recovery, our projects this year have spanned industries and technologies - if you're short on time, make sure to check them all out in our year in review video!

Some of our 2020 highlights included:

Launching the Punchbowl Social Dart Lounge

The Dart Lounge is a self scoring, multiplayer dart experience that  utilizes computer vision and specialty cameras to detect where standard, steel tip darts land on a regulation dart board.

The Yeti team built the dart lounge from the ground up - literally - and  even made a video of the entire experience! Check it out below!Over the years we've developed some simple tactics that help us stay aligned no matter where we're located, so when we were faced with working as a fully remote team the adjustment period wasn't too difficult.

To help everyone elses transition to remote work a bit easier we shared some of our tips and tricks in a few blog articles:

Adapting to Working as a Remote Team - and Helping Others Do the Same

Over the years we've developed some simple tactics that help us stay aligned no matter where we're located, so when we were faced with working as a fully remote team the adjustment period wasn't too difficult.To help everyone elses transition to remote work a bit easier we shared some of our tips and tricks in a few blog articles:

Hosting Hack the Virus

In April we hosted Hack the Virus, a 27 hour hackathon that brought together teams of software developers and experts fighting on the front lines of COVID-19. Together they created solutions to some of the biggest problems being faced in the face of the pandemic.

Some notable solutions included

*ReachCare, a texting platform allowing individuals without internet or smart phone access to find COVID-19 testing sites close to their zip code.

*A geo-spacial application to help the medical community with resource management.

Launching Stay Play Grow

As COVID-19 began to take shape in the US, the Early Learning Lab team saw parents and caregivers suddenly facing unprecedented challenges. Once reliant on daycare, preschool and kindergarten to assist with the education and care of their children, they now faced becoming their sole sources of learning and support.

To help keep families happy, safe and learning while sheltered in place, we worked together to create Stay Play Grow, a comprehensive one-stop resource for families with young children during the coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Check out the our video walk through of Stay Play Grow below!

Building 'Yes We Are Open'

In May we worked with the team at Verdicity to create Yes We Are Open, an app providing companies with the information and resources necessary to safely re-open during the pandemic.

Yes We Are Open users are able to fill out a  a simple form with their building information, including building type, square footage and location and is then  presented with an extensive list of free resources and recommended products, including an estimated price, based on YWAO algorithms and data.

Launching 'Baseball Rules in Black and White'

We worked with author Jim Bettencourt to  turn the contents of  his “Baseball Rules in Black and White” books into an easily navigable mobile app.

The Baseball Rules in Black and White app allows users to easily access and understand the sometimes intricate and confusing nuances of the rules of baseball while also providing embedded videos demonstrating examples each of these rules.

The app also provide users with the ability to switch and navigate between three different rule sets: The Official Baseball Rules in Black and White, the High School Baseball Rules in Black and White and the College Baseball Rules in Black and White, while additionally providing users with the ability to choose between viewing the rules in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

The app has already received thousands of downloads from the app store and has rave reviews from users!

Helping Northeastern University students stay connected during COVID-19, with Fall Fest World

Each fall, as students return to campus, Northeastern University holds their annual club fair during which hundreds of clubs set up booths around campus to chat with interested students.

This Fall, due to coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, the usual club fair experience was off the table.

Northeastern’s Center for Student Involvement reached out to the Yeti team in hopes of creating a unique virtual experience that would keep students excited about and engaged with the event.

Together, we created Fall Fest World, a retro gaming experience that allowed students to explore the universities clubs in an isometric pixel art world.

Fall Fest was a huge success! 400 individual clubs and over 10,000 unique users participated in Fall Fest on the day of the event. Take a walk through Fall Fest World in the video below!

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Just before Yeti's CEO, Tony, graduated college, he  walked into Boston City Hall and registered Yeti LLC as a company. The idea was simple to build meaningful software products. 10 years later we're still at it, and despite this tenth year throwing some COVID curveballs, we're finding meaningful software is more important than ever.

We could never have anticipated how much we would learn and grow, all the incredible people we would work with and the amazing things we would build over the next decade.

Feeling a sense of duty to pass on a bit of what they've learned , Tony and Rudy put together a few articles:

*The 10 Biggest Mistakes We Made in Our First 10 Years in Business

*A CTO's Advice For Aspiring Agency Founders

*10 years, 10 Lessons

Working with Jay-Z's team at Monogram!

In mid July we were approached by Jay-Z's team at monogram to help bring his luxury cannabis line to life by designing the products website.

The site launched in November, and was an immediate success! Check out the site for yourself, here!

Launching Reflectable

For the second time this year we had the opportunity to work with the team at The Early Learning Lab to create Reflectable, a self guided tool that allows teachers and caregivers to focus on, apply and reflect on the practices they have learned in their trainings.

The app breaks down training content into bite sized chunks and weekly acheivable goals, and provides real time data that allows users to track goals and progress toward desired child outcomes which providing a platform for self-reflection, goal setting and planning, making it easy to build on best practices in just 10 minutes a week.

Take a walk through the Reflectable app in the video below!

We're so grateful for all the great companies and people that have worked with us through this difficult year. We wish you a wonderful and healthy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

Summer is Yeti's Marketing Manager. When not working, you can find her searching for thrift store treasure, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas, camping in her vintage camper, cooking vegan treats and reading anything she can get her hands on. Summer lives surrounded by wilderness in the remote mountains of California.

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