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Introducing Yeti Gives

We’re committed to helping non-profit organizations make a greater impact.

Here at Yeti, we’ve spent the past 12+ years working on the cutting edge - building award winning products with the best companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. From media apps, to e-commerce sites, to wearables and web3 products - building meaningful products is our bread and butter.

Some of the most satisfying and impactful projects we’ve worked on have been with non-profits. We know the challenges of managing software development - on top of all the other things: grant writing, donations, volunteers and, of course, the purpose driven work you are there for.

Yeti Gives is our way of helping more nonprofits expand the reach of the great work they do. Through this initiative we will be donating our time to nonprofits of all sizes - with discounts for large nonprofits, and through our Yeti Gives Product Development Grant where, twice a year, we will choose a small non profit organization to receive pro-bono design and development services on a meaningful project.

Keep reading to learn more about how Yeti Gives can help your organization.

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How Can Yeti Help My Non-Profit?

Our goal is to make the largest impact possible,  so we’ve created a tiered system that allows us to provide our assistance to organizations of all kinds:

The Yeti Gives Product Development Grant
Each year we select two small non-profit organizations to receive our design services, 100% pro bono. This includes design workshops, completed  high fidelity app designs, and a product roadmapping workshop designed to allow each organization to confidently move forward with the app development process.

Non-Profit Discount  
All non-profit organizations receive a 5% discount on their first project with Yeti.

We’re always looking for team volunteer opportunities! We’re particularly passionate about helping underprivileged communities learn more about software design and development through talks, workshops and classes - but are certainly open to volunteer opportunities of all kinds.

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