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Cupcake Wines

Find Joy Under Every Cap

The team at Cupcake Wines has conceptualized a summer marketing campaign called Joy Under Every Cap. During this campaign, Cupcake customers will scan the QR codes under their cupcake wine cap and subsequently be taken to an online environment where they can engage with the brand in multiple ways, earning entries into the “Summer of Joy” Sweepstakes with each interaction.

Yeti has teamed up with Cupcake to design and develop multiple facets of the Summer of Joy Campaign, including the campaign’s mobile application.


Cupcake’s Joy Under Every Cap campaign is centered around the beginning of summer and celebrating Joy. Accordingly, our first challenge with this project was illustrating those sentiments through the design of the app.

Similarly, because the concept behind this campaign is joy, it was of the utmost importance that we ensure every user has a joyful experience when interacting with the campaign, regardless of whether or not they win a sweepstakes prize. Moreover, it was essential that we design an online environment that entices users to keep coming back each time they purchase a new bottle of cupcake wine.

We were also challenged with integrating QR codes into the campaign, creating a system for capturing user information, ensuring lighting fast interaction, and much more.


In designing the Joy Under Every Cap online app, we focused on creating an online environment evoking the feelings of joy and the beginning of summer, while additionally accentuating Cupcake’s playful brand colors.

To ensure that the online environment remained on brand, we created a design system utilizing Cupcake’s existing colors and fonts, with minimal changes, ensuring that ADA best practices are followed.

The objective behind the Joy Under Every Cap campaign is to allow users to engage with the Cupcake brand in an exciting way, evoking the feeling of Joy. While the campaign is ultimately a sweepstakes with a multitude of prizes, it was important for us to create an experience that went beyond merely signing up for a sweepstakes entry, and which motivated users to continually re-visit the campaign.

To achieve this, the Joy Under Every Cap online environment includes numerous activities that users can engage with to earn sweepstakes entries. As an example, once a user has purchased a bottle of Cupcake wine and scanned the QR code under its cap, they can receive sweepstakes entries by trying Cupcake’s VR filter, taking a wine personality quiz, downloading cocktail recipes or creating a customized video. By providing a multitude of fun ways for users to engage with Cupcake we help encourage them to return to the site each time they have a new QR code.

To ensure that users are visiting the JUEC online environment through the scanning of a QR code, we obtained a spreadsheet of all of the valid QR codes that had been generated and printed on cupcake bottle caps. We then created a script that uploads these QR codes into our database such that we can verify real bottle caps being scanned.

Additionally, the Cupcake team wanted the ability to gather and utilize the customer information provided during the app’s onboarding process. To achieve this, we set up a basic integration with Google Analytics that captures hundreds of standard data points and events. We additionally created an API that allows all of the information captured within the app to be sent to Cupcake’s Mailchimp account, allowing them to save user information for any follow up marketing efforts they may want to undertake.

For the sweepstakes’ prize fulfillment, Cupcake has utilized a 3rd party that will choose winners and deliver prizes.To provide this 3rd party with the means to accomplish these goals, we programmatically interfaced with their system, allowing user information to be sent to the 3rd party in real time.


Cupcake’s Joy Under Every Cap campaign has launched to great success!

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