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Guiding customers to find the right product

EKM Metering offers unrivaled submetering solutions for any scale and budget. These submetering systems, as well as their numerous software solutions, are marketed and sold through EKM Metering’s website, which was in need of a visual and technical update.

Yeti worked with EKM Metering to revamp their website and improve the customer shopping experience through a new ecommerce platform, a redesigned home page that speaks to EKM's distinct target customer segments, and an intelligent Shopping Wizard that guides users to find the right metering system for them.


The Solution

In order to communicate EKM’s value proposition well, we centered our design principles around educational storytelling and customized shopping, with an emphasis on community-driven customer support. We created a landing page that encompassed these principles and acted as a springboard to learn and navigate the different parts of the website.


Yeti built EKM's new website on Shopify, which allowed us to make custom components like the Shopping Wizard while utilizing Shopify's suite of applications to use off the shelf functionality for things like contact forms, an installer directory, support desk help, etc. This will reduce EKM's ongoing maintenance cost of their website, allow them to better keep their content and products up to date, and afford them the ability to create future custom components as necessary.


To make sure our end users could find the right meter, we created a new Shopping wizard that intelligently learned about the customer’s metering needs and pointed them to the right set of products. We also knew that certain parts of the experience required in depth knowledge that not every use had, so we made sure to point users to support when there were any dead ends or confusion.



Yeti was able to successfully transition EKM’s legacy Magento website to Shopify’s modern platform including migrating all existing user profiles and order history with little hiccups at launch. EKM has been able to add their own Shopify applications as necessary and generally maintain updates to the website themselves without much need for developer support on a weekly basis.

I would recommend Yeti to anyone with a software development project, particularly if they need design help and/or custom features that you can’t get out of the box with an off-the-shelf solution. In my experience Yeti offers great end to end product development.

The Challenge

Visitors got lost in the EKM website when looking for the right solution to monitor and track their energy use. Our goal was to create a seamless shopping experience to the right metering package that allowed them to start monitoring energy use via a computer or phone.


Recognizing that its e-commerce website is built on a Magento platform that is reaching its end of life at the end of 2018, EKM looked to Yeti to recommend a long-term, popularly supported solution. The goal was to use an off the shelf solution which would require less maintenance and support for EKM but could have some customized comments created as needed.


The main design challenge was how to communicate EKM's value proposition to it's different customer segments: residential consumers and commercial consumers who have different needs. EKM had also identified that the design and product categorization of the current site may lead customers to purchase incompatible metering parts. EKM wanted to improve their customers’ shopping experience with a fresh visual aesthetic and home page that helps customer segments find and purchase the appropriate metering systems for their needs.

EKM’s business goal was to educate users through their website content to reduce the load on salespeople and to increase conversion rates by highlighting best selling products and commercial business use cases.

"The website as a whole provides a level of trust for first time visitors such that they are willing to place orders with confidence that they will receive the products, and that the products will do what they are promised to do."


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