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An elegant, scalable ecommerce platform for creative writers

We collaborated with Grubstreet to build their non-profit ecommerce platform, which enables users to sign up and pay for world-class writing classes online. Within the first week of launch, the platform had already more than paid for itself, not to mention covering Grubstreet’s donation quotas and the cost of running the writing classes.

We relished the challenge of architecting an elegant ecommerce platform which delivered quick and scalable results, and we’re proud to be a part of Grubstreet’s continued success.

Find a Class, Class Details, and Checkout

GrubStreet has a lot to offer to their users, including a variety of on-site classes as well as online courses. To make it easy for users to find classes that may interest them, we built a search-tool that enables users to filter their search results and view class information on the Class Detail page.

Grub Daily Blog

GrubStreet needed to keep the blog portion of their website active so Yeti transferred all existing content from the old blog and integrated a blog plugin for their website that gives specific users the ability to schedule or post blog posts in “Grub Daily.”

Editing a GrubStreet class with the admin panel.

Example of a Subpage

In the multiple-tiers of navigation/sub-pages on the site, there is a dynamically generated sidebar menu, which allows for a large amount of functionality to be offered, while keeping navigation clean and simple.

GrubStreet: The Grub Daily, their daily blog page.
GrubStreet's admin panel
Geoff House's GrubStreet profile page.
A screenshot of GrubStreet being used to find a class.

Kiss-Metrics Integration

We integrated with KissMetrics to give GrubStreet a clearer indication as to where their users were navigating on their site. Rather than providing basic analytics, like Google Analytics, KissMetrics gives users the ability to track where someone came from, what they do on the site and can tell you who actually purchases.

Mailchimp and Mandrill Integration

To give administrative users the ability to send out emails through our CMS, we integrated with MailChimp and Mandrill. These integrations enable GrubStreet to send out email campaigns, target specific users when sending out an email and customize the layout of their emails.


Yeti built a tool for GrubStreet that gives them a centralized solution for managing their entire business. This provides them with a seamless experience bringing their class registration, user management, and financial reporting into one system. From an e-commerce platform to managing and scheduling classes, the custom CMS and website have prepared GrubStreet for continued success.

Front Facing User Profile

To give users an easy way to manage their profiles and subscribe to different content from GrubStreet, Yeti built a Front-Facing user-profile. Similar to other robust websites, this feature allows users to customize their relationship with the website.

GrubStreet's report building tool.


Rebuilt E-Commerce, Custom CMS and Redesigned Core Functionality

Since 1997, GrubStreet has been one of the nation's leading creative writing centers. They came to Yeti when their website no longer fit the needs of their growing community.Part of the solution for GrubStreet was to rebuild their e-commerce solution from the ground up. We integrated with Stripe, giving users and our client a trustworthy solution that companies such as LYFT, Rackspace, Foursquare and a number of other large organizations use. Similar to many growing companies, as GrubStreet expanded, so did their site. A big upgrade Yeti worked on was the navigation organization. We helped simplify the navigation, making it much easier for users to find what they were looking for while on the website. Yeti also built GrubStreet a completely custom CMS and backend component to manage their website. Users have the ability to add new classes, post blog-articles, create custom reports for their data in the backend, give users specific permissions, refund users that have withdrawn from classes, and more.

A breakdown of the Novel Incubator program by Grubstreet.

Overview Of The Dashboard

The main dashboard for GrubStreet houses links to areas in the CMS that enable administrative users to manage the website at a very granular level. From blog posts to creating a custom report to analyze data in the backend, a user navigates to these functions of the CMS from this dashboard.

User Tracking

Within the backend, admins to the CMS have the ability to track users interactions with GrubStreet and its website, including classes they’ve attended/are going to attend, gift certificates they’ve purchased, parking passes, donations made, membership level, pledges, miscellaneous payments and many more datapoints.

Custom Reporting And Exporting

Some of GrubStreet's administrative users wanted functionality to run unique reports on data within Excel. Part of Yeti's solution was enabling those users to export .csv files, giving them total control and extensibility over the data collected.

A GrubStreet class description page that shows about the different options.
Checking out on GrubStreet's website after picking a few classes.

Manage Classes

From the creation and scheduling of a class, all the way through taking attendance, the backend class management tool enables users to add, schedule, and describe classes.

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