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A High-End E-Commerce Experience for Jay-Z's Luxury Cannabis Line

Jay Z’s Roc Nation and cannabis giant Caliva recently teamed up to create the new high end cannabis line, Monogram OG.

Prior to Monogram’s launch the joint venture reached out to Yeti in hopes of creating an upscale website to serve as Monograms ecommerce platform and source of brand information.

The Challenge

Prior to our work with Monogram OG, the company had already established themselves as an upscale and sophisticated brand. Before launching their products they needed an e-commerce website with equally upscale design.

Because Caliva’s e-commerce platform is powering the sale and distribution of Monogram’s product, our initial challenge was to create a website with the ability to integrate with Caliva’s platform.

Additionally it was necessary for us to create a website utilizing a CMS that would allow for quick and easy content updates requiring no developer assistance.

The Solution

We designed and implemented a sleek mobile-first website utilizing 3-D graphics to serve as Monogram’s e-commerce platform and brand information source.

The website was built with ADA Compliance in mind, utilizing best practices that allow people with disabilities to use screen readers to navigate the site appropriately.

To provide the Monogram team with the ability to quickly and easily edit and update the website without developer help, we built the site using a CMS with GatsbyJS using Contentful.

Gatsby is a popular open source static site generation framework that, out of the box, works with Contentful and Gatsby Cloud to regenerate and deploy any changes to your website whenever a change is made in the CMS (content management system).

For Monogram’s e-commerce solution, full API-based integration with Caliva’s platform was not possible due to time constraints. Instead, we architected a solution using multiple iFrames that would allow customers to add products to their cart and to view their cart, and for checkout functionality.

Because iFrames are not typically known for being sleek, we were able to utilize iFrame message passing functionality to create a good UX experience

The Outcome

The Monogram website launched with great success and has seen an impressive amount of traffic and sales. You can read more about Monogram's success in the following publications:

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