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The MEFaverse

Welcome to the MEFaverse

The brainchild of Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man, The MEFaverse is the first ever metaversal world that allows users to actually experience a graphic novel.

This graphic novel, written by Method Man, takes place in “Wu York City”, and features the rapper as a superhero in the style of Marvel and the DCEU - but what makes the MEFaverse different from your standard graphic novel is its use of Web3 and blockchain technology.

In order for users to access this graphic novel, they must first purchase a MEFaverse NFT (Non Fungible Token). If you’re not familiar with the technology, NFTs are digital assets, such as drawings or music but, unlike a random .jpg file you might find online, NFT’s can only be owned by one person, as they have permanently encoded metadata on the blockchain that includes ownership information.

NFTs are generally one of a kind (or at least one of a very limited run), which is what helps create their value - essentially, the rarity of NFTs create digital scarcity. So, aside from being collectible art, NFT’s can also be considered an investment - depending on demand, they can become very valuable.

The MEFaverse’s NFT’s exist on the Ethereum blockchain, and come in the form of characters from Method Man’s comic book. The collection includes 8400 unique variations of the 20 characters featured in the graphic novel, each with a back-story, personality, strengths, weaknesses and more.

Once an NFT has been purchased, the holder is then granted access to the graphic novel, which combines all things Hip Hop, skateboarding and comic books in a format that speaks to all ages. NFT holders are additionally able to access the exclusive MEFaverse which provides users with a space to socialize, share art, explore financial opportunities, and much more.

We recently teamed up with The MEFaverse to create a REACT brochure website where users can learn about and purchase the NFT’s that will provide them with access to the MEFaverse.

Because this collection of NFT’s is like no other, consisting of 420 variations of each of the graphic novel's main characters, it was important that we create a website that spotlights the unique character of the MEFaverse.

The website currently consists of a homepage that provides users with an overview of the Mefaverse.

A “Solution” page that highlights The MEFaverse’s vision.

A “Lineup” page, introducing the team that has created the MEFaverse, with links to their twitter accounts.

“The Cast” introduces the characters within the MEFAverse, providing information on what makes each NFT unique.

The “Mint” page is where users will be able to “mint” or purchase their NFT.

The MEFaverse has launched to great success, and has received a flood of positive reviews!

If you'd like to learn more about ways that blockchain technology and Web3 can be implemented in projects and industries of all shapes and sizes, take a look at our article in Inc.!

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