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Yes We Are Open

Helping Businesses Re-Open Safely During COVID-19

"Yes We Are Open" is an initiative by open source smart building company, Verdicity,  to help provide companies with the information and resources necessary to safely re-open - and remain open - during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The YWAO initiative includes providing companies with important, up to date resources on re-opening requirements, and the best methods to ensure those requirements are met.

Additionally, YWAO is a customized tool that allows users to submit their building/business information and subsequently receive custom service recommendations specifically tailored to their building.

In addition to being a valuable source of information for users, YWAO also serves as a significant lead generation tool for Verdicity’s core smart building business.


Yes We Are Open is launched and businesses are finding the resources and products they need to open safely across the country! We'll update this case study as we get more data back and continue iterating on and expanding this product with the Verdicity team!

Yes We Are Open Wireframes

The Challenge

Guidelines and requirements for COVID-safe spaces are incredibly strict and multifaceted, leading many building managers, landlords and developers to have only a loose understanding of what is required for meeting federal/state requirements.

Because these guidelines are set at the state and county level, researching requirements for keeping buildings up to code can be extremely complicated and time consuming.

YWAO seeks to relieve users of the stress and complication involved in keepings their buildings up to code.

Building Yes We Are Open’s customized tool required us to consider how to create a quoting engine that would allow YWAO’s staff to continuously add and update new resources.

Additionally we needed to create a solution that surfaced different products, services and resources based on zip code and building size and type.


YWAO provides users with free resources for safely re-opening their buildings during COVID-19 while simultaneously providing Verdicity with a significant lead generation tool.

covid tech solutions

Upon opening the YWAO landing page users can fill out a simple form with their building information, including building type, square footage and location.

Once the form has been submitted the user is presented with an extensive list of free resources and recommended products, including an estimated price, based on YWAO algorithms and data.

In the case that the user is interested in the products or services recommended, they then have the ability to schedule a more in depth consultation with Verdicity.

To allow the team at Verdicity to easily update and add content to their resource pages while keeping their product and service data in their own database we used React Admin, a frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser.

We designed the application with accessibility standards in mind, ensuring the size of links, typefaces and buttons were of adequate size, and in high contrast.

To minimize the number of user clicks we laid out the information in a collapsible/expandable accordion.

Additionally, we created an option for users to view all of the provided resources at once, allowing for a complete overview of recommended products as well as the ability to easily copy and send the resource list.

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