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Our Process as an IoT Application Development Company

Summer Swann
December 1, 2023
an IoT application development company

Welcome! We're thrilled that you're considering Yeti as your IoT application development company!

For over 12 years Yeti has been the go-to design and development company for teams in need of exceptional IoT software. In that time we’ve developed a collaborative IoT software development  process that allows us to create apps that both you and your users will love - all while remaining within your timeline and budget constraints.

Step One: Share Your Vision

You’ve probably already done a considerable amount of brainstorming around your IoT app idea - you may have even created sketches outlining what your app will look like, the features it will include and how it will work. Now is your opportunity to let your vision shine as you share it with the Yeti team!

Together we’ll explore your idea, provide some insight into the viability of your product and give you ballpark figures for the cost and time required to complete the project. Take a look at this article for information regarding the average cost and time required to create an app and more frequently asked questions.

If all goes well here, we’re ready to move on to the next step in the adventure of inventing - workshopping solutions!

IoT Application development company

Step 2: We’ll collaboratively workshop solutions

Every day over 5000 apps are submitted to the app store. Some are successful, while many fail to thrive. What are the differentiating factors in these cases?

In our years of experience we’ve learned that creating a successful product isn’t just about building something that “works'' - it’s about solving a real world problem with a product that feels great to use. For this reason, taking the time to thoroughly explore the problem you’d like your app to solve, and the people for whom you are solving it is an absolutely crucial first step.

To dive into these issues, we’ll set up a series of collaborative workshops that will allow us to gain a deep understanding of what we will be building and who we will be building it for. These workshops will include exercises that will allow us to:

Once we’ve completed these workshops with you and your team we’re ready to get to work on the design and development of your IoT app!‍

Step Three: Our Experienced IoT Development and Design Team Will Make Your Vision a Reality

Now that we have a solid idea of what we’re building, Yeti’s designers and developers will begin turning your vision into a reality!

We’ll be working in two week cycles called sprints, which consist of designing, developing and testing specific deliverables. During our bi-weekley sprint wrap up meeting you’ll have the opportunity to review and evaluate our work before we move on to the next deliverable.

This is mutually beneficial as consistent feedback allows us to make adjustments sooner rather than later, meaning that changes aren’t nearly as costly or time consuming as they would be otherwise.

To ensure we’re always on the same page you’ll be invited to a few other meetings including stakeholder check-ins and vision alignment meetings, in which we’ll assess any completed work by comparing it to the benchmarks established in the project roadmap. During these meetings we can adjust the work we’re doing based on your strategic goals.

Throughout the design and development process we’ll be conducting user testing with real users. By asking users to validate our assumptions about content, task flows and interactions, we help ensure that your app is being received and used as we’ve intended.

Once your app has been designed and developed, we’ll work with you to ensure it successfully launches, including getting placed in the App and Google Play stores. Should you need continued support, or decide you want to add more functionality to your product, we’re always excited to continue work with our clients!

We're so excited that you’re considering Yeti as your IoT application development company!  You can find more information on our IoT app development processes here - and don’t miss  Unlocking Connectivity: The Ultimate Guide to IoT App Development - a free 60 page resource. that covers the entire IoT app development process in full detail.

If you have any questions, or would like to get started on a project, we’d love to chat - drop us a line !**

Summer is Yeti's Marketing Manager. When she's not working on amazing Yeti content you'll likely find her searching for treasure in thrift stores, hiking in the Sierra Nevadas, cooking healthy vegan treats and reading anything she can get her hands on. Summer lives in the remote mountains of California with her partner and their dog and 3 cats.

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