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Transforming Skin Care Through Connected Technology

Droplette has created a simple to use skin care device that delivers highly effective serums through micro-infusion technology - providing users with up to 90% more effective absorption.

This device was designed with the intention of connecting to a designated Droplette app, which would help users build regimens, order products, track their usage and more.

We teamed up with Droplette to design and build the Droplette app while additionally setting up their device for connection.


The team at Droplette designed their microinfusion device to be paired with a Droplette app, which would subsequently help users create regimens, order products, track their usage and more - while additionally providing Droplette with insight into how and when users are using the device.

Unfortunately, once completed, the original build of the application immediately experienced communication issues, resulting in a failure to connect to the device. As a result, the application was shut down, and has been inoperable for over a year.

The Droplette team reached out to Yeti with their new plan: revitalize the
app, establish a successful connection to the device and re-launch it as Droplette Labs.

Our challenge with this project has been to devise a plan for consistently and successfully pairing the mobile app and device, while additionally designing an sleek, easy to use application that allows users to develop an effective skin care routine, while additionally driving sales and feeding important data back to the Droplette team.


Our first step was developing a consistent connection between the Droplette device and app. We began by examining the device and current code to gain a better understanding of how the device and software communicate - while additionally investigating the existing code to ensure that building a react native app would be feasible. At this point it was also necessary for us to begin designing the app screens that, once implemented, would dictate the devices functionality.

Our next step was to design and implement some basic features that would allow us to beta test the product. We created a basic onboarding screen as well as the ability to switch device modes. With this completed, we provided users with the beta version of the app, with the intention of utilizing the information provided by users to further develop our designs and prepare for a full feature launch.  

Based on the results of beta testing, we began designing a robust set of features, to be included in the full feature launch. To ensure the app was consistent with the Droplette brand, our design team created design moodboards based on Droplette’s current website design to help establish the app’s visual styling.

We then began designing the feature screens, including:

Next Steps

The Droplette device and app are currently in beta, as we continue rebuilding the apps backend, which  will allow us to implement the features noted above. Once completed the Droplette app and device will be publicly launched with fully developed features, including integrated customer support and marketing programs. Stay tuned!

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