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Science in the Service of Nature

LeafWorks is a plant genomics company that conducts cutting edge cannabis and hemp research and develops commercial services for the cannabis market. Their mission is to create genetic verification tools that enable users to know what plants they are buying, selling, and growing.

Leafworks is currently in the process of expanding their genetic verification tools while also significantly scaling their business. As a direct result of this growth the Leafworks team has identified a need for a new and improved e-commerce platform.


Prior to our engagement, the Leafworks team made the decision to move their business away from their original website, in order to take advantage of the convenience and ease provided by the ecommerce platform, Shopify. However, once this decision was made, it became apparent that customizing their new Shopify website to reflect the Leafworks brand was beyond their ability.

Our initial challenge in partnering with Leafworks was to retrieve and gain control of the code, designs, and hosting of their original e-commerce website. Once this was completed, our challenges in collaborating with Leafworks included:

*Customizing Shopify’s standard website template to provide Leafworks with an e-commerce platform reflecting their brand identity.

*Providing the Leafworks team with the ability to easily create new website pages.

*Increasing the website's sales functionalities.


In order to create a custom Leafworks ecommerce experience, we began by gathering creative input from the Leafworks team, and additionally by drawing inspiration from the original website design. From there we were able to re-design Shopify’s existing liquid template, creating a fully branded customer e-commerce experience.

We additionally improved the site's ux and usability by cleaning up it’s information architecture, making navigation far more intuitive for users and prompting more exploration throughout the site.

To help establish Leafworks credibility, we made sure to feature various forms of social proof, including articles and media in which they’ve been featured, prominently on the homepage. Additionally, we redesigned the Leafworks services page with investors in mind, ensuring that the most important information is readily available.

In order to provide the Leafwork team with the ability to easily create and add new pages to their website we customized and branded Shopify’s existing page templates, allowing Leafworks team members to quickly and easily

Finally, to help improve the sales functionality of the platform we created the ability for Leafworks to suggest specific add-on’s, based on what is currently in the users cart.


Leafworks’ newly designed ecommerce platform has launched to great reviews! We’re currently continuing our engagement with the Leafworks team, creating an employee portal that will streamline many of their internal processes.

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