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Introducing Yeti Health & Wellness

At Yeti, we’re committed to building products that keep users motivated, healthy, happy and mindful.

With over 12 years of experience working on the cutting edge of technology, our award-winning team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional digital products. From media apps to e-commerce sites, wearables, and web3 products, we have a passion for creating meaningful, impactful solutions.

While it is our bread and butter, building digital products isn't our only passion - we're also driven by personal growth and a desire to provide everyone with the means to be their best selves . Some of our most satisfying projects have been with our partners in health and wellness - and even our core values, "stay mindful" and "choose positivity", reflect our dedication to personal development.

At Yeti, we're not just software developers - we're builders inspired to create the most impactful and beautiful products possible. We take pride in our UX design processes and the deep insights they provide - because truly understanding our users motivations is what allows us to build products   they love... and stick with.

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How Can Yeti Help My Health & Wellness Organization?

At Yeti, we've developed a process that encourages transparent communication between our team and yours - fostering an environment that ensures the product we build is not just successful - it's also exactly what you want

Yeti's Three Step Process:

1. Share Your Vision
Together, we’ll explore your idea, provide some insight into the viability of your product and give you ballpark figures for the cost and time required to complete the project. Take a look at this article for information regarding the average cost and time required to create an app and more frequently asked questions.

2. Collaboratively Workshop Solutions
In our decade+ of experience we’ve learned that creating a successful product isn’t just about building something that “works'' - it’s about solving a real world problem with a product that feels great to use.

For this reason we always take the time to thoroughly explore the problem you’d like your app to solve, and the people for whom you are solving it with following workshops covering: User Personas + Empathy Mapping, User Journey Mapping, Ideation and Product Roadmapping.

3. Our Team Makes Your Vision a Reality
Once we begin on your projects design & development, we’ll be working in two week cycles called sprints - and during our bi-weekly sprint wrap up meeting you’ll have the opportunity to review and evaluate our work before we move on to the next deliverable - ensuring we're always on the same page.

Throughout the design and development process we’ll be conducting user testing with real users, helping to ensure that your app is being received and used as intended.

Once your app is complete, we’ll work with you to ensure it's launched successfully. This includes having placed in and approved by the App and Google Play stores. Should you need continued support, or decide you want to add more functionality to your product, we’re always excited to continue work with our clients!

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For over a decade we’ve collaborated with teams and individuals to design and develop meaningful digital products. In that time we’ve also developed a collaborative process that allows us to create apps that both you and your users will love, while remaining within your timeline and budget constraints.

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