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Change Engine

Revolutionizing HR with Innovative Communication and Engagement Tools

Change Engine is a dynamic and innovative HR company dedicated to revolutionizing organizational management practices

With a focus on driving positive change within workplaces, Change Engine offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance employee engagement, foster diversity and inclusion, and streamline communication processes.

For the past several years we’ve collaborated with Change Engine, building a suite of HR tools aimed at optimizing internal communications within organizations.


As a growing HR company, the Change Engine team was seeking avenues to broaden their audience and customer base. To achieve this goal, they devised a strategic plan: offer a free suite of free HR tools that introduced users to Change Engine's comprehensive management solutions while additionally acting as potent lead generation tools that could enhance their visibility and outreach efforts.

To help them reach this goal, the Yeti team came onboard with the challenge of developing a series of engaging, user-friendly tools that would showcase the breadth of Change Engine's offerings, and encourage users to further explore the platform. To be successful, these tools additionally needed to be designed to function as effective marketing assets that could be easily shared across various channels, encouraging users to spread their positive experiences, ultimately amplifying brand visibility and driving organic growth.

Essentially, our challenge was twofold: Create functional HR tools that could  strategically enhance product awareness and attract users to Change Engine's SaaS platform.


Phase One: Employee Appreciator

Our first step in building out Change Engine's suite of tools was the Employee Appreciator- an HR tool that facilitates and optimizes internal communications within organizations. This tool was introduced as a way for HR teams to automatically generate celebratory content for employees' promotions, birthdays, and anniversaries, so, we developed a robust set of features including menu components, color pickers, and image upload functionalities - while additionally assisting with the design of the content assets included in the tool. The Employee Appreciator allows users to quickly and easily:

Phase 2: Comms Calendar

Building on Phase One, our next challenge was to enhance the Employee Appreciator by optimizing it for mobile platforms and creating a holiday and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) planning tool. Here, our primary goal was to enhance inclusivity and cultural awareness within the workplace while streamlining the communication and celebration of important dates.

The Comms Calendar is designed to help organizations keep track of and celebrate regional and international holidays through custom content, promoting  acknowledgment of diverse cultures and nationalities within the company. Within the tool, HR teams can customize the selection of countries, the content generated for each DEIB initiative, and the branding to ensure alignment with their corporate identity. The Comms Calendar additionally facilitates the creation and sharing of holiday announcements and content via various channels such as email, newsletters, and messaging platforms like Slack.


The outcomes of each Change Engine tool launch have been met with resounding success. Alongside the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from users, these tools have proven instrumental in enhancing brand visibility and driving organic growth for the Change Engine team. As we embark on the third phase of this project in collaboration with Change Engine, we anticipate even more exciting developments on the horizon - so be sure to stay stay tuned

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