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Guide Insights

Improving leadership through feedback

Guide Insights is a platform designed to help people build contextual understanding of who you are as a leader. It is self-driven and transparent in order to make every insight highly personal, relevant and actionable.

Which, in turn, allows leaders to evolve and leverage their personal brand in new and inspiring ways. Guide Insights help empowers impactful players, from individuals to corporate executives, to purposefully define and refine their leadership brand.

The system generates printable reports for Blank Page to use in their workshops



Yeti was able to deliver Blank Page their Guide Insights product on-budget and in-time to run a beta group they had lined up. They’ll be using it in their next leadership workshop and are starting to use the product with more of their customers. As we continue to work with them on the rollout we'll keep this case study updated!

Yeti is a great development resource and have a good group of creative and talented developers. The experience was really smooth and ended with us feeling energetic rather than exhausted.


Blank Page and Yeti worked together in a Research and Roadmapping Workshop where we interviewed users and stakeholders, distilled their manual process into digitized workflows, prioritized features on a roadmap, ideated on some different possibilities for the product, and ultimately delivered a plan on how to move forward with building out the first version of their system.

blank page styleguide

The Challenge

The Blank Page Team  have been running a home grown 360 review feedback process for companies that involves coaching around what to do with the feedback you’ve received. They’ve been running this process manually, which largely has kept them from being able to scale this process for larger teams or multiple teams simultaneously. The potential for human error in manually processing and handling so much personal feedback for their customers has also been a concern for them.

Blank Page is a design focused organization so Yeti spent time collaborating with the Blank Page team on a styleguide that could work in their marketing, proposals and other collateral as well as the application. Keeping consistent branding throughout an experience whether digital or physical is incredibly important.

stakeholder image

roadmapping workshop

Yeti then re-engaged Blank Page to build the first version of Guide Insights, allowing Blank Page to automate most of their manual tasks. We implemented their own configurable survey to store feedback data, created a system to dynamically produce PDFs, which can then be distibuted to users as reports, and created an admin which controls various parts of the system including organization setup and email communication.

The Yeti team is really approachable and easy to work with. There is no ego despite a lot of talent and expertise, which made working together feel much more like a long time partnership. Again there was a nice level of transparency and authenticity which made tossing around ideas much easier to do and still stay in our timeline and budget.

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