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Our Latest App Development Resources

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How To Build A Hardware Emoji Ticker

After launching our iOS app Gotta Go!, we wanted to get a better sense of when and how often people were activating their excuses. We used a Raspberry Pi, LED board, and some clever API requests to build a ticker that would display recently activated emojis on an LED board.

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The Importance of Prototyping

As product developers, it’s a primary concern of ours to make sure that every product we are working on is successful, easy to use, and fun for the user. Prototyping is a key component of the product development process, which enables us to test our ideas & consistently hit that end goal.

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5 Types of Research for the App Development Process

When shaping the User Experience (UX) of your app, common sense, logic and best practices only go so far. Each app is different, solving a different problem for a different set of users. As experts it can be easy to focus on the solution, forgetting about the problem—which can lead to costly oversights

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Web3 for Normies

Web3 is taking the world by storm - so we've put together this free video series decluttering and demystifying Web3 for project managers, designers, developers and non techie folks!

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Angular 2 and Typescript

Angular 2.0 is quickly becoming the new hotness among the javascript community. This video, recorded during a lunch & learn session at Yeti, demonstrates how to set up Angular 2 with a Django backend project.

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