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Intro To Design Sprints: The Process Behind Legendary Products

We conduct design sprints across five days and in five stages.

10 Tips For Designing & Developing an App That Keeps Users Coming Back

10 best practices for designing and developing a successful app.

A designer using AIDesigning the Future: AI's Impact on Creativity and Precision in Product Design

As a tech enthusiast, I have always been intrigued by AI but I never thought it'd creep into the design world so quickly. Can a machine really grasp the elegance of design language, the tricky balancing act between looks, functionality, and catering to the unique tastes of every user? Join me for a deep dive into the state of AI in the world of product design.

What is Product Design?

To say a product designer needs to wear many hats is an understatement.

Building an App? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Whether you’re a business owner working with a development team to build an app for your company, or a developer creating your very first app, there’s a lot to learn about the entire process, including how to avoid the most common mistakes made during the app development process

Meaningful Design

In a time when work-life balance is increasingly difficult to achieve, many of us seek work that is meaningful and gives us a sense of purpose. How might designers navigate finding and defining meaningful work?

10 Tips for Successful Design Sprints

If your company is considering running a design sprint, here are some tips on how you can make the most of it.

Better Design & Development Collaboration

We have three main communication points that allow for an open yet refined process.

Want to Build an App Users Will Love? Focus on UX Design

Every day over 5000 apps are submitted to the app store - some are successful, while many fail to thrive. The greatest differentiating factor is often the quality of their UX Design.

Group of people working at computersZeplin's Top 5 Features for Harmonious Design-Dev Handoffs

Utilizing effective tools and seamless communication methods is our key to building top-notch products. We recently added Zeplin to our toolbox, and it's now one of our favorite additions to the handoff process.

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Designers

Our top 5 suggestions for designers moving into the New Year.

Designing for Emotion

A look at the importance of designing for emotion.

The Ultimate ADA Compliance Checklist

Web products should be designed to allow anyone to equally find, navigate, and understand your web software.

The One Question That Led to Apple's Success in Design

Most startups aren’t aware of their biggest foe. It’s not competitors or lagging technology; it’s a failure to create the right product for the market. Failing companies neglect the “why” and are left to focus on the “what.”

Don’t Judge a Design by its Looks

When creating digital products and interactive experiences, visual design can be the most exciting step in the design process.

Our Favorite Mobile Product Design Tools

After trying dozens of different tools, we at Yeti use the following four for nearly every mobile design project.

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