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Yeti Goes to PyCon 2012

A look at Yeti's recent trip to PyCon 2012.

How to Structure Your React / Redux Application

At Yeti, we create a large number of apps from the ground up due to the number of startups we work with. Every new app gives us the opportunity to improve our tech stack and one if its important pieces - folder structure.

Running Development Apps

A look at how to go about getting a pre=release app up in the Android and iOS app platforms for testing and approval.

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Developers

Our top 5 suggestions for developers moving into the New Year.

Get the Most Out of Git: 7 Best Practices for Budding Developers

A few of our favorite best practices for developers using Git.

Migrating From REST to GraphQl in Django

At the last meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Manish Sinha gave a talk on migrating from REST to GraphQl in Django. Take a look at the video here!

Demo Day at Rocket U

The first group of students to graduate from RocketU did so with a "Demo Day" event.

Django Real Time Chat

This recent San Francisco Django Meetup talk, given by Cara Borenstein, provides an introduction to websockets, django channels, and common gotchas when deploying channels apps.

Authorizing Google Cloud Platform Service Accounts from a Docker Container Running in Heroku

In this article we'll be breaking down how we dealt with authorizing a Google Cloud Platform service account from a Docker image running in Heroku's cloud platform.

Social Auth with Django REST Framework

This post is part 3 of a series on using OAuth with Django REST Framework.

Life After Bootcamp

An overview of how to digest all that you learn at a coding bootcamp.

Integrating Django, Tastypie & Python Social Auth

Python Social Auth is intended for use through the web and has routes already set up for authenticating and disconnecting users from different social media services.

San Francisco Django Meetup Recap (#5 - #8)

An overview of San Francisco Django Meetups five through eight.

Hashtags and Mentions in Swift

Although there are many nuances to the language and relatively few code examples out there, one of the huge benefits of Swift was how readable it is.

Token-based Header Authentication for WebSockets behind Node.js

Using Node.JS to proxy requests to mutate them under the hood can be beneficial. In cases like these, it can also make your product more secure.

Busting 5 App Development Myths

The following are five pervasive myths about why app development should be a simple process — and the real reasons that a good product takes time.

Testing: Year One

Chris gives us the low down on how he tackled implementing a test suite for a large, pre-existing codebase from the ground up.

Establishing a Websocket PUBSUB server with Redis and Asyncio

This post in particular covers how to leverage a PUBSUB (publish-subscribe) Redis server and websockets to this purpose.

The ORM and When Not To Use It: A Django Meetup Talk

In this talk given at a recent meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Christophe Pettus, Chief Consultant and CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., discusses situations and efficiencies you can obtain by using direct SQL.

Creating a Reusable Component Library: Yeti Lunch and Learn

Part of the Yeti Lunch and Learn series - our amazing developer, Resdan, gives a presentation on creating a reusable component library. Enjoy the video!

Android Particle System: Creating basic effects for games 2

Part 2 of how to create basic effects for games on the Android Particle System.

Summary: DRF, OAuth, and Social Authentication

Frankly, after making all this work, I'm not convinced that implementing your own OAuth flow is much more secure than using token-based authentication.

Graph Theory is Wonderful!: Yeti Lunch and Learn

Here at Yeti we love learning new things, so twice a month we open up the floor to presentations on areas of personal expertise. Our awesome developer, Dean, recently gave this presentation on Graph Theory.

Bug Reporting Basics

An overview of bug reporting basics.

Set Up a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, running Python 3.5

I wanted to have a Raspberry Pi that checks the following boxes, OS: Raspbian and Python Env: Python 3.5 (installed and routed to with Pyenv). Here's what I came up with.

Building Mapping Applications with Django

In this talk, given at the San Francisco Django Meetup group's latest meeting, Stan Knutson discusses building mapping applications with Django.

6 Tips for Improving the Development Workflow

Whether you’re starting fresh on building a workflow plan, or adapting to accommodate a new project, there are always ways to improve and new things to consider.

SF Django Meetup: Asynchronous Events and Architecture

There was some great insight if you plan on implementing celery for your Django application soon.

Beginner DevOps with Django and Fabric

A look at beginner DevOps with Django and Fabric.

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