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4 Steps to Get Started on Your App Project

Want to get started on building an app? The good news is that there is a lot you can do on your own to get started - even if you have absolutely no development knowledge!

Authorizing Google Cloud Platform Service Accounts from a Docker Container Running in Heroku

In this article we'll be breaking down how we dealt with authorizing a Google Cloud Platform service account from a Docker image running in Heroku's cloud platform.

Django 1.7 And You

A recap of the SF DJango Meetup on April 30th.

An Introduction to Propositional Density

This talk, given by Lance Weisser at a recent Design Thinking meetup, provides an in depth introduction to the basics of Propositional Density.

Token-based Header Authentication for WebSockets behind Node.js

Using Node.JS to proxy requests to mutate them under the hood can be beneficial. In cases like these, it can also make your product more secure.

Cool Tricks with Animations Using requestAnimationFrame

This function is built-in to many modern browsers and is an API that enables developers to script animations by essentially "painting" the desired styles one frame at a time, and then calling itself to paint the next frame.

Routing traffic internally on Rackpsace

An important lesson: do not set your application to use external IPs.

Django Meetup Talks: July 2020

The SF Django Meetup Group recently hosted another successful evening of deep discussion and discourse on Django related topics! Check out the talks given by our expert Djangonauts!

Clean Architecture With Python

At the last meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Jair Vercosa gave a talk on clean architecture with Python in which he discusses how to implement clean architecture with python using one of it's most popular frameworks

How to Structure Your React / Redux Application

At Yeti, we create a large number of apps from the ground up due to the number of startups we work with. Every new app gives us the opportunity to improve our tech stack and one if its important pieces - folder structure.

Busting 5 App Development Myths

The following are five pervasive myths about why app development should be a simple process — and the real reasons that a good product takes time.

Facebook's 'React Native' Has Changed the Rules of App Development

Which would you choose: a single-platform app with a great user experience or a cross-platform app with a poor one?Entrepreneurs would be facing that choice had Facebook not agreed in September to relicense its popular React framework for third parties

Using Docker for In-Memory Test Databases

In this talk, given at a recent San Francisco Django Meetup, Terran Olson discusses using Docker for in-memory test databases.

PostgreSQL and Django: The Latest News

In this talk, given at a recent meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Christophe Pettus discusses the ins and outs of the new PostegreSQL features introduced with Django 2.0-2.2! Enjoy the video!

The ORM and When Not To Use It: A Django Meetup Talk

In this talk given at a recent meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Christophe Pettus, Chief Consultant and CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., discusses situations and efficiencies you can obtain by using direct SQL.

Creating a Reusable Component Library: Yeti Lunch and Learn

Part of the Yeti Lunch and Learn series - our amazing developer, Resdan, gives a presentation on creating a reusable component library. Enjoy the video!

Using Pytest to Write Beautiful Tests and a Bulletproof Django App

At the last meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Wes Kendall gave a talk on how to make a bulletproof Django application by testing it with pytest. Check out his talk here!

Getting Hooked on Hooks: Diving into Hooks with React and Redux

I'm always excited to try a new pattern for developing components, and diving into hooks has been a very rewarding experience. I’m here to provide some examples of why you should adopt them and why they are all the rage these days.

Django Real Time Chat

This recent San Francisco Django Meetup talk, given by Cara Borenstein, provides an introduction to websockets, django channels, and common gotchas when deploying channels apps.

Migrating From REST to GraphQl in Django

At the last meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Manish Sinha gave a talk on migrating from REST to GraphQl in Django. Take a look at the video here!

VIDEO: Building API's with Django and GraphQL

At our last Django Meetup Group event, Jayden Windle, the lead engineer at Jetpack, an on demand delivery company, talks building APIs with Django and GraphQL. Watch the video to learn more.

Using MJML to Create Responsive HTML Emails

Crafting emails in HTML can still be a tedious and time-consuming task. Luckily we have options when it comes to creating responsive HTML emails.

Building Mapping Applications with Django

In this talk, given at the San Francisco Django Meetup group's latest meeting, Stan Knutson discusses building mapping applications with Django.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in 2021?

At Yeti one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How much does it cost to build an app?” This article breaks it all down for you.

Summary: DRF, OAuth, and Social Authentication

Frankly, after making all this work, I'm not convinced that implementing your own OAuth flow is much more secure than using token-based authentication.

The Basics of Django TastyPie and iOS RestKit

A beginners guide for understanding Django Tasty{ie and iOS RestKit.

Beginner DevOps with Django and Fabric

A look at beginner DevOps with Django and Fabric.

Yeti Goes to PyCon 2012

A look at Yeti's recent trip to PyCon 2012.

Integrating Google Places API and Django TastyPie

For our latest project, BlurtAbout, we had to integrate with a location based API so we chose Google Places.

SF Django Meetup: Microservices at Prezi

Two engineers discuss how they're migrating their application from a monolithic structure to microservices.

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