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Career Development MatrixCrafting a Custom Career Development Matrix: A Step by Step Guide

Are you a people manager responsible for your team's career development? The career development matrix is a gamechanger! This article provides a step-by-step guide to creating customized career development matrices that empower your team's growth, boost performance and satisfaction, and drive sustained success in your organization.

5 Tips for Getting Your Next Project Off to a Running Start!

Starting a new project can be an overwhelming process! From scheduling the right meetings to crafting the perfect roadmap, the decisions you make during these initial stages of the project play a huge role in its eventual success.

7 Steps To Hiring the Right App Developer for Your Project

Have a great idea for an app but feeling overwhelmed by the process of hiring the right developer for it?We get it. There’s a lot at stake when you’re searching for the right partner to go on the adventure of co-creating your app with.

17 Slack Hacks and Best Practices For A More Focused Team

To help ensure that Slack doesn't become a hindrance to your team's productivity, we've compiled this list of Strong Recommendations and Suggested Recommendations for you to follow.

Woman volunteering at a food bankHow Your Company Can Benefit From Volunteering

While volunteering is beneficial for the community, it can also deliver benefits to your employees and organization.

business management strategyFinding Your Company’s Groove: How We Manage Our Remote Software Team

From company planning to team building and scaling operations, there’s a lot to unravel when managing a remote company. Discover how we forged a bespoke team management strategy by integrating the EOS model with our unique needs and processes - and how you can do the same.

Advice for Aspiring Agency Founder: Reflecting on 10 Years in Business

Starting a new business is truly an adventure. You’re embarking on a journey through uncharted territories that can be difficult to navigate without a bit of guidance from those who have gone before you.

10 Years & 10 Lessons: What We’ve Learned Since Starting Our Product Development Agency

It’s hard to believe that this month marks 10 years since my business partner Rudy and I began the adventure of running our product development agency, Yeti. Check out the 10 biggest lessons we've learned in those 10 years.

In the Yeti Workshop: Points Poker

At Yeti we use Points Poker to help scope timelines for our projects. Instead of estimating tasks in hours we use points - this helps track the velocity of the team and determine how much work we can get done in a period of time.

5 Questions to Ask App Development Companies

It's important to ask your app development company the right questions.

Yeti's Pandemic Year

Despite the ups and downs of the past year, we're very grateful to still be running a successful software development company. We’ve certainly had to make some pivots, but we did our very best to make the most of the year.

Creating a Chore Board

Why we implemented a chore board at Yeti HQ.

Want to Make a Stellar First Impression? Consider Your Onboarding Experience

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Yep, that old saying applies to apps too - did you know that 1 in 4 app users will abandon a mobile app after just one use?! With odds like that it’s essential that you give your product’s onboarding experience some serious thought.

5 Steps to Spur Innovations Forward

Innovators must be managed in a way that empowers, focuses, and challenges them.

Sitting Still: Meditation As A Business Tool

The average human has over 60,000 thoughts per day, most of which amounts to mental chatter- unnecessary, repetitive and habitual thoughts that can seriously disrupt your creative flow. One of the greatest benefits of a regular meditation practice is an increased level of focus.

My Team Used to Suck at Meetings, but Now People are Begging us to Share our Secret Sauce

Our team implemented an approach we like to call "Applied Agile" and said goodbye to directionless meetings, micromanaging, and going weeks without status updates.

How to Think About Agile for Executives: The Evolution of Agile Part One

Everyone talks about Agile, a more modern methodology ​created for software development... but why should you use Agile as part of your project management tool belt?

Yeti's Guide to Effectively Managing Difficult Clients

Throughout our years of experience in product development one of the hard lessons we've learned is that the development of a great product can be seriously derailed by difficult client behavior. Luckily, there are some great ways to easily manage difficult clients.

Kill That Project Dead! (Or at Least Rethink It.)

By embracing experimentation, founders can save money, boost sales and build stronger products.

Crowdsourcing: Spotify's Secret Weapon for Curation at Scale

Here are just a few ways innovators are using crowdsourcing to disrupt the status quo.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Hiring Product Developers

Whether you're building an app for your startup, a marketing website or an advanced enterprise digital workflow system, the guidelines for setting up a strong relationship between your executive team and your product development team are the same.

7 Ways Agile Training Will Benefit Your Team

Traditional methods of project management that don't take unpredictability into account can make any tech project impossible to navigate.

Take a Sneak Peek at Yeti's Daily Huddle Board!

Take a look at Yeti's custom Huddle board! It keeps our meetings running smoothly and to allows us to track and record each of our teams daily and weekly progress.

Stay Aligned with Yeti's Top Three Vision Brief Tips

Like all great relationships, strong communication should be the foundation of the relationship between you and your product development team. A vision brief can help ensure everyone remains on the same page.

3 Roads Less Traveled for Management-Averse Developers

Many developers' personalities and skill sets are well-suited to these three "unconventional" career paths.

Wasn't Agile Supposed to Fix Everything? Not Unless it's Applied Agile

Everybody says they're agile, and a handful of companies even go through the motions; they might even have a scrum master on their team; but what does it all mean in reality? And how can you actually start seeing value from it?

3 Tips For Writing Better Creative Briefs

A well-executed brief takes all the information for a project, whether it be a product development project or a marketing project, and puts it in one concise document.

How to Talk About Company Finances with Your Team

It’s important to be real with your team, and that means you have to talk about money. But how you talk about the company’s financial health with your team is extremely important.

Does Your Creative Brief Contain These 10 Elements?

A quality creative product brief, like the one our healthcare client shared with us, contains the following 10 elements.

Rules of the Game: 5 Common Creative Brief Mistakes to Avoid

Your brand absolutely needs a creative brief before it sets sail on product development. But creative briefs are easy to botch — and even easier to forget about entirely, so watch out for these five creative brief mistakes.

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