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Yeti's 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been a record breaking year at Yeti! Let's take a look back at all of the fun we had in our Year in Review!

Woman volunteering at a food bankHow Your Company Can Benefit From Volunteering

While volunteering is beneficial for the community, it can also deliver benefits to your employees and organization.

Software Project Management 101

At Yeti, we know the value of a great project manager, and have worked hard to develop a project management toolkit that keeps us on the road to success. Take a look at a few of our favorite PM tools and strategies!

Woman holding an IPadProfessional Business Services are Having a Moment

For many in the typical office setting, the pandemic has forever changed the way people work. While it's certainly been an adjustment period, and there are pros and cons to any new situation, there are huge opportunities for professional service firms in the current workforce landscape.

7 Steps To Hiring the Right App Developer for Your Project

Have a great idea for an app but feeling overwhelmed by the process of hiring the right developer for it?We get it. There’s a lot at stake when you’re searching for the right partner to go on the adventure of co-creating your app with.

Adjusting To Life in San Francisco

A developer's insights into life in San Francisco.

5 Personalities Your Brand Needs on Its Innovation Dream Team

To notch new wins, you need a fresh crop of innovators. Make sure you assemble an innovation team that has these five personalities

Philippe: French Intern

Meet YEti's summer intern, Philippe.

Why Should You Hire Software Engineering Consultants?

Here are five reasons to consider an engaged consultant team.

Helping Clients Communicate Ideas

Here are some tools that we find helpful throughout the product design process to always keep the team and our client on the same page.

SF Django Meetup: Surviving Transactions

A recap of the last SF Django Meetup all about surviving transactions.

Boosting Collaboration Between Developers and Product Managers

At Yeti, we employ seven steps to build strong, effective relationships between product managers and developers.

The Coffee Tasting

Team building exercise: coffee tasting.

Building Stuff and Making Things

A look at some of the common personality traits Yeti employees have: a need to create.

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made By "Agile" Teams

To really understand the Agile mindset it’s necessary to take a close look at the Agile manifesto.

Yeti Sounds: Vol. 1

Check out this collection of tracks from inside the Yeti cave.

The Yeti Holiday Party

Photos from the Yeti holiday party.

Kill That Project Dead! (Or at Least Rethink It.)

By embracing experimentation, founders can save money, boost sales and build stronger products.


Listed below are seven examples of companies that have successfully adopted a dynamic brand identity.

Sitting Still: Meditation As A Business Tool

The average human has over 60,000 thoughts per day, most of which amounts to mental chatter- unnecessary, repetitive and habitual thoughts that can seriously disrupt your creative flow. One of the greatest benefits of a regular meditation practice is an increased level of focus.

Why Junior Developers Aren’t Getting the Right Guidance at Work

It can take years of practical experience putting that knowledge to use in order for developers to become truly effective in their jobs.

10 Years & 10 Lessons: What We’ve Learned Since Starting Our Product Development Agency

It’s hard to believe that this month marks 10 years since my business partner Rudy and I began the adventure of running our product development agency, Yeti. Check out the 10 biggest lessons we've learned in those 10 years.

Wasn't Agile Supposed to Fix Everything? Not Unless it's Applied Agile

Everybody says they're agile, and a handful of companies even go through the motions; they might even have a scrum master on their team; but what does it all mean in reality? And how can you actually start seeing value from it?

17 Slack Hacks and Best Practices For A More Focused Team

To help ensure that Slack doesn't become a hindrance to your team's productivity, we've compiled this list of Strong Recommendations and Suggested Recommendations for you to follow.

Evolution of the Yeti: A Retrospective

A look back at how Yeti has evolved to where we are today.

Align Your Team in Six Minutes a Day With a Daily Huddle

Here at Yeti we've discovered that one of the most effective leadership and management tools we have in our toolbelt is also the one that requires the least amount of time. Our Daily Huddle.

Does Your Creative Brief Contain These 10 Elements?

A quality creative product brief, like the one our healthcare client shared with us, contains the following 10 elements.

Creating a Chore Board

Why we implemented a chore board at Yeti HQ.

7 Ways Agile Training Will Benefit Your Team

Traditional methods of project management that don't take unpredictability into account can make any tech project impossible to navigate.

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