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Smartphones as IoT Hubs

It is clear that your mobile phone will become the control panel for all of your IoT-connected household devices.

Emoji Ticker: An Adventure in Hardware Prototyping

The Emoji Ticker, as it would be creatively named, would serve as a visually striking and fairly useful addition to the office ecosystem.

3 Brands That Should Get Real About VR

We can’t wait to see which brands make the most of VR, but, of course, we have our wish list.

4 Ways Touchscreen Kiosks Can Improve Local Government

Four capabilities to consider that make it worth while for state and local governments to take the plunge and install touchscreen kiosks in government buildings.

Yeti's 2020 Year in Review

2020 has certainly been a challenging year in many ways, but despite the difficulties, we've had the opportunity to create some meaningful products that we're really proud of.

The Sound of Silence: What We’re Not Saying About Siri and Her AI Gal Pals

After more than six decades of voice assistants, it's time to ask the uncomfortable question: Why do we, Americans, anyway, prefer female voices for our digital assistants?

What the Heck Is Web3?!

Web3 is a new paradigm for how the internet works. You might be seeing it everywhere, but what is it and how does it work?

Are Software Developers Becoming the New Event Planners?

We're all tired of staring at Zoom boxes. It's time to make virtual events doable, scalable and impactful and engaging

Stay Play Grow: Early Childhood Education During COVID-19

Stay Play Grow puts dozens of valuable resources at the fingertips of families of young children who are currently at home due to the pandemic.

3 Ways Touch-Screen Kiosks Can Improve the Current State of Healthcare

People love user-friendly touch-screen devices, but they don't want to download a separate app for everything they do.That's why touch-screen kiosks in doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities offer a great solution.

Rapid Prototyping the Internet of Things: Tools for Wiring

For an IoT device, the front end is a circuit board plus sensors, and figuring out how to manage communications is part of the design challenge.

If Conversational Chatbots Want to Take Off, They Need to Act Like Robots - ReadWrite

Although it can be tough to get people to love the idea of talking to computers rather than people, chatbots and the AI behind them have incredible potential

5 Brands That Should Leverage Mobile Beacons Immediately

Mobile beacons are ideal for situations where you want to customize the user experience based on their physical movement and/or collect data on users’ physical movement patterns. Here’s some companies we think would be great matches for mobile beacons.

Bridging the Gap Between Government and Technology through STIR

Several months ago, as part of the 2017 STIR initiative, the city of San Francisco presented several challenges that the city felt technology startups could help solve. Startups from around the Bay Area presented their solutions and nine startups were selected to present their solutions at City Hall during the Demo Day event on September 29th.

7 Takeaways From a Software Executive at ConExpo

We visited the ConAg expo to see how technology was making a presence known in the world of construction and agriculture. This is what we learned.

All Cryptocurrency Needs to Be Made More Accessible

To become a viable currency, all cryptocurrency must overcome some obstacles. UX design can help.

Hey Siri, What's a Conversational User Interface?

A conversational interface is any user interface that can mimic human interaction, whether typed or spoken.

New Whitepaper: Enterprise Implications & New Trends in AR & VR

Yeti’s Latest Whitepaper, “Augmented and Virtual Reality Are Here: How Will Your Company Use Them to Explore New Worlds?” Shows Enterprise Implications and Emerging Trends

How the Right Chatbot Can Streamline Your Procurement Process

Navigating the complexities of the government's procurement process can be daunting. But government workers stand to gain immense benefits from utilizing chatbots to make sense of the procurement process.

Streamline the Procurement Process With Custom Chatbot Development

Navigating the rules and red tape of government procurement processes has become such an unruly obstacle that entire groups are now dedicated to answering questions solely about the procurement process. Fortunately, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Chatbots: A Programmatic Approach to User Happiness

What if there were an omniscient digital entity that was able to respond to user requests at lightning speed, all at once?

3 Lessons Yeti Learned Designing a Chatbot for the City of San Francisco

Now that PAIGE 1.0 is streamlining city procurement for the city of San Francisco, we've tucked some valuable lessons under our belt. Here are our takeaways.

Fireside Chat: Touchscreen Kiosks - Why You Should Care About Having Them

Kiosks are powerful tools that can play a pivotal role in creating exceptional indoor experiences. Not only do they welcome visitors, they engage and orient users empowering them to easily navigate complex indoor spaces.

Make Cryptocurrency More Usable With These Non-Crypto Tech Tweaks

Many crypto exchanges and apps exist, but the user experience is cumbersome and is often catered to experienced investors. To reach more consumers, developers need to make a few improvements.

5 Digital Technologies That Are Transforming Healthcare

Learn more about the five digital technologies paving the way to better healthcare.

Savvy Countertops and Smart Gardens: The Exciting Future of IoT

Smart technologies have made their way into our daily routines.

man at whiteboard with post-itsMinting Your Own NFT the Easy Way

NFTs have exploded in popularity over the past year, with collectors and investors paying as much as $11 million for these digital commodities. But exactly how does a JPEG of a monkey become an authenticated NFT on the blockchain - and how can you transform your own art or music into an NFT?

Web and App Development Trends for Year 2 of the Pandemic

As we enter year two of the pandemic we’re beginning to see more thoughtful technology being developed - technology that will truly allow us to manage the long term effects of COVID-19.

10 Ideas for New Apple TV Apps

With that said, here are 10 ideas for creating Apple TV apps.

MacWorld / IWorld Conference

An overview of our trip to the MacWorld / iWorld Conference.

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