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5 Signs Your Distance Learning Project Needs Help

It’s time to start building distance learning platforms that truly work. To truly meet student needs we must create platforms dedicated to parent education, social development, economic needs and so much more.

Have an Idea For an App? Here's Where to Start

Have an app idea you’d like to develop? You can get started on the process on your own with these 3 simple steps!

Stay Play Grow: Early Childhood Education During COVID-19

Stay Play Grow puts dozens of valuable resources at the fingertips of families of young children who are currently at home due to the pandemic.

6 Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love

We know that the world is currently experiencing a difficult, stressful and sad time, so we wanted to share some of our remote team building activities. We hope that they provide you and your team with some much needed stress relief and bonding time!

Hack the Virus - Building Software in Response to Crisis

In our industry a great way to kickstart ideas and begin the process of developing solutions is a “hackathon”. So we decided to "Hack the Virus".

7 Takeaways From a Software Executive at ConExpo

We visited the ConAg expo to see how technology was making a presence known in the world of construction and agriculture. This is what we learned.

Stay Aligned with Yeti's Top Three Vision Brief Tips

Like all great relationships, strong communication should be the foundation of the relationship between you and your product development team. A vision brief can help ensure everyone remains on the same page.

The Three Biggest Lessons We Learned Working With Computer Vision

We utilized computer vision to create an interactive, digital, self scoring dart experience. These are the lessons we learned in the process.

Getting Hooked on Hooks: Diving into Hooks with React and Redux

I'm always excited to try a new pattern for developing components, and diving into hooks has been a very rewarding experience. I’m here to provide some examples of why you should adopt them and why they are all the rage these days.

Five Steps to a Stellar Product Roadmap: Part Two

At Yeti, we always begin our product roadmaps with a 5 phase roadmapping workshop. During these sessions we help teams establish the unified vision, direction and priorities necessary for creating a successful product.

Five Steps to a Stellar Product Roadmap: Part One

To help the teams we work with truly understand their product's reason for being, we always host a product roadmapping workshop to lay the groundwork for the roadmap itself. Learn how to create your own product roadmap here!

How To Bridge the Gap Between Your UX Design and Development Teams

One of the best things companies can do is facilitate collaboration between development and design teams. Read on to learn about a few best practices that can bridge the gap between design and development.

PostgreSQL and Django: The Latest News

In this talk, given at a recent meeting of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group, Christophe Pettus discusses the ins and outs of the new PostegreSQL features introduced with Django 2.0-2.2! Enjoy the video!

An Introduction to Propositional Density

This talk, given by Lance Weisser at a recent Design Thinking meetup, provides an in depth introduction to the basics of Propositional Density.

Django Real Time Chat

This recent San Francisco Django Meetup talk, given by Cara Borenstein, provides an introduction to websockets, django channels, and common gotchas when deploying channels apps.

5 Tips for Getting Your Next Project Off to a Running Start!

Starting a new project can be an overwhelming process! From scheduling the right meetings to crafting the perfect roadmap, the decisions you make during these initial stages of the project play a huge role in its eventual success.

When Agile Isn't Enough: The Evolution of Agile Part Two

To make Agile more actionable and accountable we developed “Applied Agile”, a management system that sits on top of traditional agile processes. Learn how to use Applied Agile with your team.

Building Mapping Applications with Django

In this talk, given at the San Francisco Django Meetup group's latest meeting, Stan Knutson discusses building mapping applications with Django.

17 Slack Hacks and Best Practices For A More Focused Team

To help ensure that Slack doesn't become a hindrance to your team's productivity, we've compiled this list of Strong Recommendations and Suggested Recommendations for you to follow.

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made By "Agile" Teams

To really understand the Agile mindset it’s necessary to take a close look at the Agile manifesto.

Meaningful Design

In a time when work-life balance is increasingly difficult to achieve, many of us seek work that is meaningful and gives us a sense of purpose. How might designers navigate finding and defining meaningful work?

Using Docker for In-Memory Test Databases

In this talk, given at a recent San Francisco Django Meetup, Terran Olson discusses using Docker for in-memory test databases.

Take a Sneak Peek at Yeti's Daily Huddle Board!

Take a look at Yeti's custom Huddle board! It keeps our meetings running smoothly and to allows us to track and record each of our teams daily and weekly progress.

Align Your Team in Six Minutes a Day With a Daily Huddle

Here at Yeti we've discovered that one of the most effective leadership and management tools we have in our toolbelt is also the one that requires the least amount of time. Our Daily Huddle.

How to Think About Agile for Executives: The Evolution of Agile Part One

Everyone talks about Agile, a more modern methodology ​created for software development... but why should you use Agile as part of your project management tool belt?

Yeti's Guide to Effectively Managing Difficult Clients

Throughout our years of experience in product development one of the hard lessons we've learned is that the development of a great product can be seriously derailed by difficult client behavior. Luckily, there are some great ways to easily manage difficult clients.

A 3-Step Process for Creating Great Products Every Time

The future of any startup hinges on its ability to hit development home runs early on. 7 in 10 upstart tech companies fail within the first two years, so getting development process correct from the get-go is crucial to your company's success.

6 Reasons to Hire a UX Design Agency

Some businesses might cringe at the idea of outsourcing something as important as product design, but there’s nothing strange about hiring the best people for the job.

Facebook's 'React Native' Has Changed the Rules of App Development

Which would you choose: a single-platform app with a great user experience or a cross-platform app with a poor one?Entrepreneurs would be facing that choice had Facebook not agreed in September to relicense its popular React framework for third parties

The Importance of User Testing

User testing is a method of gathering feedback quickly so you can evaluate an idea, feature, or full product in order to ensure that what you are creating will actually serve the user you are targeting.

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